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About Me

 I have always been interested in fashion, as well as studying the emotions and psychology of people. As a result I combine this in my career. I try to reveal their inner world in pictures, make them look at the photo and see a different side of themselves . My models are beautiful, magical and unique.

It all started in the modeling business. At first I was a model, and then I was curious to try myself as a photographer.

All began in South Korea. I took a series of photographs, which later spread in networks and groups.The first shots were with the assistance of friends and colleagues. Customers began to appear , began to collaborate with make-up artists, designers and a modeling agency. Now I can not imagine my life without a camera.

My first camera was a canon 40d. Oh, I loved that camera. Despite some functional shortcomings, I made a lot of beautiful fashion pictures, .

Then I worked with a modeling agency in my city. Exhibited my work  on popular sites  This gave me an opportunity to work in a collaboration with magazines, galleries and even a Scandinavian art book.

Every picture has a story, sometimes funny, and sometimes even resistance is required. For example one photo shoot in the rain, everything was very spontaneous, no one even thought about a photo shoot, there was no theme, no make-up. We were all done literally in 20 minutes. My model had to lie down on the pavement under terrible downpour and even half-naked. I admire her.

Before it was only fashion and art. Now I live in Norway and its impossible not to make photos of nature, its an amazing landscape here ! Of course. A lot of opportunities: to open a gallery, collaborate with magazines, modeling agencies, studio. Besides, you can always start shooting something new, to change the genre: Admire the beauty of nature, explore fashion, watch the wildlife, catch the amazing moments of people's lives, create magical stories, and travel through the work.  

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